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Fans of electroshock therapy, psychological horror movies and neurosurgeons screaming at paranoia’s poison door should delight at director Dark Details’ ability to convey some high-level techno-fear.ALTERNATIVE PRESS

Hello there. I'm Chris James Cunningham, a visual artist and musician from Seattle, WA. I work as a freelance creative for different agencies, bands, and artists, doing everything from custom music and video editing, to directing/shooting.

Music videos are a major passion of mine. I love the process of conjuring up imagery that shares a thread of DNA with a song; creating scenes and stories that intertwine with and augment the composition.

My work has been featured on or shown by: Alternative Press, The Burke Museum, New Noise Magazine, Seattle Weekly, City Arts Magazine, Evergreen College, Dangerous Minds, CVLTNATION, KEXP.ORG, and SIFF’s Sync Music Video Fest.

Notable work:

Shooting and editing a video piece (Animal Skin) to be featured in an exhibit at The Burke Museum.

Directing and editing All You Know is Hell music video “Thin.”

Directing and editing Ravenna Woods’ music videos “Once for the Lockhearts” and “Black Car.”

Directing and editing Kool Keith music video “Blast” (Planet B remix)

Directing and editing Planet B music video “Mirror Mirror on the World.”

Copy writing and campaign conceptualization for the home entertainment campaign of the Marvel film Black Panther.

Copy writing, campaign conceptualization, video editing and voice over for the Ready Player One home entertainment campaign.

Video editing social media promos for the theatrical release of Maya Matangi MIA.

Video editing social media promos for the theatrical release of Chef Flynn.

Custom music for GoPro, DC Comics, M-Factor Creative, Thumbtack, Akii Shoes, Maya Matangi MIA (documentary - special features), Maramaso (documentary), American Hasi (documentary TBR).